We are pleased to offer the full range of NCE DCC Equipment including controllers, interfaces and accessories.

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NCE Power Cab - Complete starter set with UK Power Supply

One of the best handheld DCC Locomotive controllers on the market the handheld design offers comfortable access to all the drivers controls
MPN 5240042 : NCE Power Cab
£177.60 inc VAT


NCE 5A Smart Booster with International Power Supply and UK Plug

Easily expand your 2 amp Power Cab to run more OO scale locomotives and accessories or larger Locos O gauge and upwards.
MPN 5240037 : SB5 UK 5 amp Smart Booster - UK Power supply
£202.36 inc VAT


NCE Power Cab USB-Interface to allow the use of computer control

This USB interface allows your computer to program devices and/or operate your layout by connecting to the NCE bus
MPN 5240223 : NCE Power Cab USB-Interface
£44.94 inc VAT


Model railway variable current electronic circuit breaker

Protect each track section with a safe resettable electronic circuit breaker - the EB1 v1.1 features adjustable trip current to suit your loco's
MPN 05240225 : EB1 v1.1 Single District Electronic Circuit Breake
£28.50 inc VAT