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The Road Based Steam Models and Miniatures includes traction engines, steam rollers and steam waggons. Please browse the items available for sale by clicking on the view button

Product listings

Mamod Steam Roller with oscillating cylinder

The traditional live steam model of a steam roller from Mamod
MPN 1312 : 1312 Steam roller SR1A
£171.49 inc VAT


Live Steam Model Steam Wagon by Mamod

Mamod 1318 Blue Steam Wagon SW1 with barrel wagon load fired using Mamod solid fuel blocks.
MPN 1318 : Mamod Blue Steam Wagon
£298.00 inc VAT


Mamod Brookland Tourer in Green and Black

You almost wish that you were small enough to drive this gorgeous model from the driving seat
MPN 1319BT : 1319BT Brookland Tourer
£272.50 inc VAT


Water Cart to accompany Mamod Steam Roller / Traction Engine

All steam vehicles need water, and running out could prove disastrous. Although not essential for your Mamod this water cart is a nice accessory.
MPN 1390 : Mamod Water Cart
£90.00 inc VAT


Mamod Live Steam Model Traction Engine with rubber tyres

Live steam working model of a traction engine by Mamod
MPN 1313 : Mamod Traction Engine TE1A
£193.50 inc VAT


Mamod Trailer with open load bed and sides

Give your Mamod roller or traction engine some work to do by connecting this trailer and your choice of load.
MPN 1370 : Mamod Trailer with load bed in green
£178.50 inc VAT


Mamod Live Steam Victorian Fire Engine

You cannot miss this Victorian Fire Engine resplendent in Bright Red and Chrome finish with its brass bell.
MPN 1404 : 1404 Fire Engine
£333.00 inc VAT