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Mamod Locomotives for sale

Mamod are a British engineering company manufacturing here in the UK, and they will continue to support your locomotive with spares as long as is possible.

Mamod are well known for their steam rollers, traction engines, and stationery steam engines, we supply these too, please see our Mamod Steam Engines page

This category includes the selection of Mamod Steam Trains and Mamod electric remote control Locomotives available from MPB Model Supplies.

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The Mamod Railway system has evolved overtime and now includes all the componets required for your mamod steam train. This includes:

  • Mamod Locomotives
  • Mamod Track
  • Mamod Coaches and wagons

The Mamod railway system is designed around robust track and locomotives that are strong enough to survive encounters with family pets and footballs

The basic engines start with oscilating cylinders and pot boilers and are best suited to level lines. The more advanced engines have fixed cylinders and you just give the locomotive a gentle push in the direction of travel before opening the regulator. The top of the range models such as Stirling can be used with the optional remote control tender. This means you can adjust the amount of steam going to the cylinders and hence control the speed. This allows you to control the speed uphill, level and downhill.

If your railway is an occaisional railway laid on the lawn or patio when you need it then the Mamod Track is ideal being cast from an alloy it simply locks together and includes points for sidings and run round loops.

The mamod locomotives can also run quite happliy on PECO SM32 and PECO G45 track, so if you already have an established garden railway using battery power then the mamod locomotives can share your existing track, please order the correct gauge locomotive.

As well as the mamod steam trains they also produce a Battery powered diesel locomotive and battery powered steam tram engine, both of these include remote control and sound

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