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Model locomotives and Live Steam Locomotives for sale

MPB Model supplies provide a range of model locomotives for most gauges including OO9 Locos, OO Gauge Locomotives, O Gauge locomotives and 16mm steam locomotives for sale.

We have live steam locomotive kits for sale made by Roundhouse Engineering in Doncaster

You can choose your model locomotive by browsing the categories below. Click on the image or title for each locomotive category to see the models available.

Roundhouse Locomotives

An Image of a detailed Accucraft Baguley Drewery

Roundhouse Engineering manufactures 16mm scale live steam locomotives and battery powered locomotives for SM32 and G45 railways. We have a selection of their locomotives available for sale and for pre-order.

Live Steam Locomotive Kits for Sale

An image of the Roundhouse 16mm scale George locomotive kit when completed

16mm scale live steam locomotive kits for you to build. These kits allow you to build a complete working live steam model locomotive in stages with multiple kits.

O gauge locomotives

An image showing Gaugemasters TERRIER BRIGHTON WORKS 32635 (DCC-SOUND)

A range of ready to run O Gauge Locomotives are available. These model railway locomotives are manufactured by Gaugemaster, Heljan, Lionhart and Dapol. Click here to see the range available to buy from MPB Model Supplies.

OO Gauge Locomotives

An Image of a OO Gauge Locomotive

OO Gauge model locomotives from Bachmann, Dapol, and Heljan

OO9 Locos

An Image of a OO9 Gauge Locomotive

OO9 locos from Bachmann, Dapol, and Heljan

N Gauge Locomotives

An Image of an N Gauge Locomotive

N Gauge model locomotives from Graham Farish, and Dapol

Mamod Locomotives

An image showing the Mamod Telford Locomotive

Mamod produce a range of robust locomotives that provide a cost effective entry into live steam garden railways

Locomotive Parts and Accessories

An image showing the accucraft baguley drewery metal chassis

These parts can be used to add details to model locomotives. They can also help scratch builders complete their own design of model railway engine.


The production of Model Locos and miniature locomotives is carried out in batches. This means that you may have to pre-order your chosen model.

O Gauge or 7mm scale Model Locos are a popular scale for larger indoor layouts. They represent full size standard gauge railways.

SM32 or 16mm scale miniature railways are a popular model size for garden railways. They represent 24 inch gauge or 2 foot narrow gauge railways in the real world.