Our model railway electronics range includes:

  • DCC Control systems
  • Model Railway controllers
  • Sound modules
  • Point motor drivers
  • Accessory decoders

Click on the images or descriptions below to see each category

DCC controllers and Accessories

An Image of the retail package for the NCE Powercab

We stock NCE DCC Controllers and Gaugemaster Prodigy DCC Controllers. Also in stock are DCC accessories such as point motor controllers.

DCC Decoders

An image of a dcc decoder in place

Engines and items such as points and signals need a DCC decoder to work with digital control.

Model Railway Controllers and Modules

An image showing peco autofrog pcb

We stock a selection of model railway controllers from Gaugemaster Controls. Their controllers have an established reputation as being the best. We also stock modules to give short circuit protection and train detection.

Switches and Relays

An image showing toggle switches

A range of switches and relays suitable for model railways.


An Image of electronic resistors

Our range of components for model railways includes LEDs, Resistors, and diodes.

Cable and Connectors

An Image of cables

Cables and connectors are essential for connecting track power and accessory power.

Some hints and tips for model railway electronics

  • Only use the controller to power your trains where possible.
  • Use a separate power supply For model lighting and accessories.
  • Use multiple track power feeds on large layouts.
  • Do not use high frequency track cleaners on DCC layouts.
  • Use insulated rail joints when connecting loops.
  • Solder joints are better than push on rail joiners.
  • Solenoid point motors work best from a CDU.
  • When connecting an LED to a 12v power supply use a 1k resistor.
  • When using a 12v lamp running it at 9v will prolong its life.
  • Use an electronic circuit breaker to protect your controller
If you need our help or advice with your model railway electronics please contact us by phone or email. Once lockdown and social distancing are lifted you are welcome to visit our shop.