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Model Railway figures for sale

Miniature human figures and animals are essential additions to any diorama or model railway.

Scale figures are available from Bachmann, Hornby, and even real-life scans of people in the correct costumes can be bought today.

If you want to know more about model railway scales and gauges then please read our article

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Scale figures

Figures are produced at the correct scale for each popular railway scale and gauge. To learn more about railway scales and gauges read our article Model Railway Scales and Gauges Explained OO gauge and HO gauge figures are slightly different and will look out of place if used on the wrong railway. This is particularly easy to notice if the figures stand next to a building.

How tall is a OO gauge person?

Well, a 6-foot tall individual would be 24mm tall and someone who is 5 foot 7 would be approximately 22mm tall.

What size are HO gauge figures?

Well, a 6-foot tall individual would be 21mm tall and someone who is 5 foot 7 would be approximately 19mm tall.

miniature human figures UK

A lot of the cheaper mass-produced figures are available to purchase in tubs of 200 or more and are not modelled in typical UK dress styles. Bachmann and Hornby do very nice ranges of true OO scale figures that are painted and ready to use. They both produce passengers, station staff, loco crews and track maintenance figures. Scale figures are also available from firms specialising in digitising and reproducing real individuals dressed in period costume We keep a stock of popular figures.


A model railway will have a mix of domestic, farm and wild animals depending on the setting. Popular stock items include sheep, cows, and pigs.