We offer a wide selection of Model Railway Scenery and supplies for creating model scenery, available both online and in our physical store.

As new product releases come into stock we will add them to the relevant pages.

It is possible to use model scenery on multiple scales to depict various landscapes and textures.

If you are new to modelling landscapes you might like our article Modelling Landscapes

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Woodland Scenics Range

The woodland scenics logo

We stock a selection of the Woodland Classics trees and a selection of their Woodland Scenics materials range. They have great product quality for a premium price point.

Model Railway Static Grass

An image of static grass on a model railway

Using Static Grass techniques to give a more realistic appearance using applicators and Static Glue gives great results. Materials and applicators are included in this section.

Model Railway scatters and ballasts

An image showing model railway ballast

Model Railway Scatters and Ballasts can be used for more than one gauge or scale.

Model Railway Bushes and Hedges

An image showing model railway lichen

Good quality Model Railway Hedges and Bushes without the premium price point.

Model Railway Structures

An Image of model railway buildings

Model Railway Structures such as shops, and dwellings to help you create industrial, commercial, and residential areas.

Model Railway Lineside Items

An Image model railway lineside items

Model Railway Lineside Items include structures built specifically for railway use such as stations and goods sheds.

Model Railway Figures

An image showing model railway figures

Model Railway figures include both people and animals, modelu produce figures in any scale.


Enhance Your Model Railway: Exploring Scenery Supplies, Figures, and Tools for Realistic Layouts

Our model railway shop stocks a wide range of model scenery supplies for creating dioramas adding model railway scenery, and backgrounds for war gaming. These include scatter materials, static grass, trees, figures and special model scenery tools such as Static Grass applicators.

Including the scenery in your railway modelling helps bring the railway layout alive. There is more to model railway scenery than trees or hedges, you can include telegraph poles, line side notices, and animals.

Scenery for model railways can be suitable for OO gauge (1:76 scale) and O gauge (1:48 scale) depending on perspective and how it is used. Trees can be used as Garden shrubs on a large scale or full-size trees on a small scale

Some types of scenic materials like ballast are best added after the track has been put down and fully tested, others like rust dust and paint are best applied to rails before ballasting.