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PECO have been manufacturing model railway track in the united kingdom for over 70 years, I have personally been using PECO track for over 40 years.

PECO manufacture for a range of gauges including Z gauge, N gauge, OO gauge, O gauge, Gauge 1, SM32 and Gauge 45.

We stock a selection from PECO that includes a range of Flexi Track, pointwork, and accessories - please browse the categories below.

Peco OO Gauge Track

PECO OO Gauge Track

PECO OO Gauge Streamline track system

Peco O Gauge Track

PECO O Gauge Track

PECO O Gauge Streamline track system

SM32 Track

PECO SM32 track

PECO SM32 Streamline track system

Peco G45 Track

PECO G45 track

PECO G45 Streamline track system

Peco Gauge 1 Track

PECO Gauge 1 track

PECO Gauge 1 Streamline track system

Track Accessories

PECO buffers

Buffer stops, rail joiners, ballast etc....

When considering your first layout here are some thoughts to help you:

  • Manufacturers will quote the minimum radius suitable for their models. This refers to the radius of curves in your model railway.
  • Locomotives with only 4 wheels will happily go round tighter curves than engines with 6 or more wheels.
  • PECO and Hornby both refer to curves and points being Short (1st Radius), Medium (2nd Radius) and Large (3rd Radius)
  • Tight curves and especially tight S Curves (opposing curves with no straight between them) can give problems with long carriages or locos.
  • Never lay track directly onto sandy or fluffy surfaces as debris will enter the locomotives workings and destroy them.
  • Your baseboard or track base should be as firm as possible to stop track flexing.
  • Laying the track onto strips of cork will reduce the drumming noise of trains running on the baseboard.
  • Good quality nickel silver rails such as those used by PECO will give better conductivity than steel rails.
  • Track should be fixed to the board using tack pins. Start with the points (or turnouts) to set the track spacings and work from there.
  • Keeping rails clean using methylated spirits or isopropyl alcohol will keep trains running properly.
  • If you are skilled with a soldering iron then soldered connections to track will always be better than push fit connectors