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Track Accessories

PECO buffers

Turnout Motors, Signals, rail joiners, ballast etc....


PECO has been manufacturing model railway tracks in the united kingdom for over 70 years, I have personally been using their products for over 40 years.

We stock popular items from their range of products for N gauge, OO gauge, O gauge, SM32 and Gauge 45. If you need a specific item we are happy to order it for you.

We stock accessories such as rail joiners, turnout motors, switches, buffer stops and more.

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What is PECO streamline track?

Peco makes two types of tracks:

Setrack is a standardized geometric range similar to those of Hornby. The range includes curves, straights, crossings and points.

The streamline range has a wide selection of points and crossings that look better and are more authentic replicas of the real thing.

Where are PECO products made?

PECO is an English manufacturing company of railway model accessories, particularly track work in Pecorama, Beer, South Devon.

What is the difference between Peco Code 100 and Code 75?

Code 100 rail is perfect for most OO Gauge locomotives and rolling stock.

Code 75 shares many technical specifications as Pecco Code 100 rail, including clearances to the Frog.

The one major difference is the profile of code 75 rail.

Code 75 rail is only suitable for fine-scale wheels.

IS PECO track the same as Hornby?

Peco Setrack OO Gauge and Peco Streamline OO Gauge are compatible with Hornby OO Gauge since each has the same gauge width of 16mm.

The differences include sleeper distances and sleeper colour shade.

The geometry of Setrack and Hornby points is a direct match.

Streamline points are longer than Hornby points.

Is Peco Setrack compatible with Streamline?

Yes, it is. They are both the same rail profile in all gauges