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Wills Lever Ground Frames kits, builds two lever frames

Image Of product Lever Ground Frames - supplied by MPB Model Supplies
Wills Lever Ground Frames kits, builds two lever frames supplied by MPB Model Supplies

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Add realism to your rail yards and wayside passing loops with these Lever Ground Frame kits
Brand: WILLS

Lever Ground Frames

A wayside halt with passing loop, or rural backwater terminus station might not of had a signal box as they were expensive to build.

So the railways used lever frames which were operated by train crews to keep everything safe.

This kit contains two lever frames, as shown the smaller two lever frame would control sidings or run-round points. These were never intended for passenger services . In BR western region or GWR days Point levers were always painted black.

The larger lever frame contains four levers, one black for the point as the train leaves the platform loop on its return journey, one Blue for the point safety device (Called a facing point lock), one Red lever for the platform starter signal, and another Red lever for the advanced starter controlling entry into the single line section.

The larger ground frame would be unlocked by means of a token or staff, or possibly electrically by phoning the nearest signal box if it was controlling yard access to a running line.

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Lever Ground Frames
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