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Bachmann 44-0105 slate processing building for slate quarry

Image Of product Slate Processing Building - supplied by MPB Model Supplies
Bachmann 44-0105 slate processing building for slate quarry supplied by MPB Model Supplies

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Product summary

A realistically modelled slate processing building in resin
Brand: Bachmann

Slate Processing Building

Introducing the Bachmann 44-0105 Slate Processing Building, a stunning resin model that faithfully replicates the buildings used in Welsh slate quarries. Immerse yourself in the rich history and rugged beauty of this iconic industry with this meticulously crafted and highly detailed model.

Designed with uncompromising attention to detail, the Bachmann 44-0105 Slate Processing Building captures the essence of these industrial structures in remarkable fashion. Constructed from high-quality resin, this model showcases the distinct architectural features that characterized Welsh slate quarry buildings, ensuring an authentic and captivating portrayal.

Every aspect of the slate processing building has been faithfully reproduced, from the weathered exterior walls to the intricate stonework. The finely textured surfaces bring the building to life, showcasing the rough and rugged nature of the slate industry. The realistic detailing extends to the windows, doors, and roof, capturing the essence of these functional structures that played a pivotal role in the quarrying process.

The versatility of the Bachmann 44-0105 model allows for seamless integration into any railway layout, diorama, or architectural display. Its realistic proportions and scale make it a perfect addition to a Welsh quarry scene, transporting you back in time to the heyday of this captivating industry. Whether you're an avid model railway enthusiast, a history buff, or a collector of fine resin models, this slate processing building is sure to captivate and inspire.

Experience the allure of the slate industry and showcase its architectural legacy with the Bachmann 44-0105 Slate Processing Building. Combining craftsmanship, authenticity, and undeniable beauty, this model is a testament to Bachmann's dedication to delivering outstanding quality to discerning collectors and railway enthusiasts alike.

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Slate Processing Building
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