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Bachmann 44-0108 Narrow gauge slate workers cottage

Image Of product Slate workers cottage - supplied by MPB Model Supplies
Bachmann 44-0108 Narrow gauge slate workers cottage supplied by MPB Model Supplies

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Product summary

A small slate cottage representing a quarry workers cottages
Brand: Bachmann

Slate workers cottage

Introducing Bachmann's meticulously crafted model of a slate built cottage, specially designed to replicate the dwellings used by quarry workers during the bygone era. This exquisite model, suitable for both OO and OO9 scales, captures the intricate details and unique charm of these historical cottages with unparalleled accuracy.

With the Bachmann code 44-0108, this model cottage showcases the exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail for which Bachmann is renowned. Every aspect of the original cottage has been meticulously reproduced, from the rugged slate exterior to the fine architectural nuances that made these homes an integral part of the quarry landscape.

The slate built cottage model features a sturdy and realistic construction, embodying the character of the quarry worker's dwellings. Each slate is meticulously placed to mimic the authentic texture and layout, creating a stunningly realistic representation. The intricate stonework, with its weathered appearance, exudes a sense of history and tells the tale of the hardworking individuals who called these cottages home.

Bachmann's commitment to quality extends to the finest details, ensuring that every element of this slate built cottage model meets the highest standards. From the carefully painted window frames to the delicate roofing, no detail has been overlooked. 

Whether you're a dedicated model railway enthusiast, a history buff, or simply appreciate the beauty of architectural heritage, Bachmann's slate built cottage model is a must-have addition to your collection. Immerse yourself in the rich history of quarry workers and bring a touch of authenticity to your railway layout or display with this captivating model.

Embrace the past and celebrate the industrious spirit of quarry workers with Bachmann's slate built cottage model. 

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Slate workers cottage
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