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GWR 7800 Manor Class in OO Gauge | MPB Model Supplies

Image Of product GWR 7800 Manor Class in OO Gauge  | MPB Model Supp - supplied by MPB Model Supplies
GWR 7800 Manor Class in OO Gauge | MPB Model Supplies supplied by MPB Model Supplies

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Highly-detailed cab interior with many separate parts including Die-cast metal chassis, running plate and body. Smokebox and chimney are correct for t
Brand: Accurascale

GWR 7800 Manor Class in OO Gauge | MPB Model Supp

The new GWR Manor class locomotive from Accurascale is a highly detailed OO gauge model that has many features which are unique to this design.

The most notable features are the die-cast boiler, which gives the locomotive a realistic and authentic look.

Additionally, the footplate and chassis are both made from a die-cast material, which provides the locomotive with a high level of detail

The 7800 class was the final 4-6-0 design to emerge during the Collett era and was introduced in 1938.

With a new boiler design (Standard No.14), the Manors were over 5 tons lighter than a Grange and nearly 13 tons lighter than a Hall with accompanying tender.

This allowed the locomotives to be used on important weight restricted routes throughout the network.

The GWR 7800 Manor locomotives from Accurascale is a highly detailed OO gauge model that will be a great addition to any railway collection.

GWR Manor class - prototype background

Due to their ‘red' weight classification, the Hall and Grange 4-6-0 classes were unable to cover the whole range of functions previously carried out by the 4300 Class 2-6-0 locomotives.

A less-heavy variant of the Grange class was required by the late 1930s to perform cross-country and branch line duties that were off-limits to heavier engines.

A lighter (Swindon No. 14) boiler was therefore created, and as with the Grange Class, driving wheels and motion components were taken from retired 4300 Class parts.

With an axle weight of only over 17 tons, the Manor class could be used on many routes formerly prohibited to heavier Granges.

The initial performance of the Manors which featured a conventional design and the re-use of existing components was only moderately successful.

The draughting was improved by later tests and internal modifications to the blastpipe, including an increase in air space in the firegrate, which resulted from a new kind of narrow chimney.

These modifications dramatically improved performance.

After trials on ten of the class, the improvements became standard after July 1954.

The first locomotives were sent to depots in Wolverhampton, Bristol, Gloucester, Shrewsbury, Westbury in Wiltshire and Neyland in South Wales.

Between Ruabon and Barmouth, No. 7805 Broome Manor was subjected to clearance trials in October 1938.

Following successful trials, the class were used over the main lines of the former Cambrian Railways route, with the works based in Oswestry.

The Manors were also successfully employed over the Devon banks between Newton Abbot and Plymouth where they were used for banking and piloting trains.

They were able to cross the Tamar Bridge and access Cornwall's branch lines thanks to their light axle loading.

During the 1960s, there were 21 Manors in Mid- and South Wales.

Their most prestigious working was the Cambrian Coast Express, in which a Manor took over from a King or Castle at Shrewsbury and worked its way to Aberystwyth.

Other members of the class served in the west country, Birmingham, Gloucester, and Hereford counties, while a few were based in Reading and travelled on to the Southern Region line to Guildford and Redhill.

Surviving members of the GWR Manors

  • 7802 Bradley Manor
  • 7808 Cookham Manor
  • 7812 Erlestoke Manor
  • 7819 Hinton Manor
  • 7820 Dinmore Manor
  • 7821 Ditcheat Manor
  • 7822 Foxcote Manor
  • 7827 Lydham Manor
  • 7828 Odney Manor

Details of the models available from MPB Model Supplies

Each locomotive is factory fitted with DCC Sound - We are taking pre-order deposits

7808 – ‘Cookham Manor '

  • GWR - Great Western Railway - Plain Green with Monogram
  • Circa 1974 - Present day
  • Flush Tender Body
  • Wide hornplates

7810 – ‘Draycott Manor '

  • BR Lined Green with Early Crest
  • Redraughted Chimney
  • Riveted Tender Body
  • Wide hornplates

7812 – ‘Erlestoke Manor '

  • BR Lined Green with Late Crest
  • Redraughted Chimney
  • Flush Tender Body
  • Narrow hornplates

7819 – ‘Hinton Manor '

  • GWR - Great Western Railway - Plain Green with GWR on Tender
  • Original Chimney
  • Flush Tender Body
  • Narrow hornplates

7820 – ‘Dinmore Manor '

  • BR Lined Black with Early Crest
  • Original Chimney
  • Flush Tender Body
  • Wide hornplates

Common Features applicable to all our variations:

  • Highly-detailed OO gauge model, 1:76.2 scale on 16.5mm track
  • Based on a 3D scan of 7808 Cookham Manor and comprehensive drawings supplied by the Great Western Society, Didcot.
  • In Addition, further Surveys were undertaken with the assistance of Erlestoke Manor Fund, Dinmore Manor Loco Ltd and Tyseley Locomotive Works, to ensure highly accurate models.
  • The smokebox and chimney accurately reflect the as-built GWR condition or post-1952 BR redraughting modifications.
  • Fully-detailed cab interior with many separate parts 
  • Die-cast metal chassis, running plate and body
  • Scale width wire handrails
  • Handles, steps, drain cocks, and other parts with etched metal/plastic or lost-wax detail
  • Name and number plates that are etched in metal and pre-painted are included.
  • Cambrian Coast Express and Pembroke Coast Express headboards are made of etched metal
  • Dummy screw couplings of high fidelity
  • Metal buffers and preinstalled pipework are standard.
  • Tapered or straight buffer housings where applicable
  • Brake blocks in line with wheels
  • The Front mini-tension lock coupler can be replaced by accurate front pony truck moulding

Tender Details:

  • The Churchward 3,500 gal tender has numerous variations including riveted and flush sides, narrow or wide hornplates, three different styles of spring hanger and underframe-mounted water scoop
  • Fully sprung metal buffers, factory-installed pipework and high fidelity dummy screw couplings add to the detail.
  • Early tapered, tapered or straight buffer housings where applicable
  • Optional overhead warning plate bracket on late-BR examples
  • Kinetic NEM coupler mounts on tender at the correct height with mini-tension-lock couplers
  • The DCC decoder socket in tender (tender roof accessible by lift out section secured by magnets)
  • Choice of lift out sections: empty or simulated ‘coal’ load

DCC / Electronic Features:

  • Very high-quality 3-pole motor with flywheel, low starting voltage and smooth power delivery
  • Factory-installed DCC Sound with a speaker mounted in the smokebox and dual speakers in tender
  • PowerPack capacitor bank for uninterrupted power and sound
  • Flickering firebox light synchronised with the locomotive beat
  • Electrical pickup from all tender and locomotive driving wheels

Traction Features:

  • Minimum Radius 438mm (2nd Radius Set-track)
  • Die-cast metal chassis, running plate and body with sprung centre driving axle
  • Metal Helical Gear box for maximum performance and slow speed running
  • Gearing arranged so locomotive can achieve a scale top speed of 90 mph (145 km/h)
  • RP25-110 profile OO gauge wheels

Order yours today

If you're looking for a top-quality oo gauge GWR 7800 Manor class locomotive, look no further than the Accurascale range.

Their models are based on detailed 3D scans and extensive drawings, ensuring an accurate replica of these iconic locomotives.

With die-cast metal chassis and body, sprung driving axle, and a wealth of fine details, these Manors are sure to make a striking addition to your OO gauge railway.

Choose from several different liveries, including GWR green and BR black, and add some classic British steam power to your layout today!

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Cookham Manor Great Western Railway Green Sound
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Draycott Manor BR Lined Green with Early Crest So
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MPN: 7812DCC
Erlestoke Manor BR Lined Green with Late Crest sou
Price: £259.00

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MPN: 7819DCC
Hinton Manor GWR Plain Green Sound Fitted
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MPN: 7820DCC
Dinmore Manor - BR Black Sound Fitted
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