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Automatic decoupler ramp for OO Gauge tension couplings

Image Of product DECOUPLER RH TYPE - supplied by MPB Model Supplies
Automatic decoupler ramp for OO Gauge tension couplings supplied by MPB Model Supplies

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Product summary

A really useful accessory to peco streamline track that allows automatic decoupling of oo gauge tension couplings like those used by Hornby
Brand: PECO Products


This sprung loaded decoupler ramp clips into place onto PECO Streamline track, when a train passes over it in continuous motion the tension on the couplings keeps them locked together.

If the train is paused over the ramp and the locomotive eases back the couplings will release allowing the locomotive to uncouple and move off without manual intervention.

When collecting the rolling stock again, simply ease the locomotive against the stock to push it off the ramp before pulling away to keep the coupling under tension.

You must install these decoupler ramps before ballasting and we would advise against using glue to secure the ballast around them after fitting.

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