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Roundhouse Katie - Classic Series Locomotive supplied by MPB Model Supplies

Product summary

A 16mm scale Live Steam Narrow Gauge locomotive Katie represents a typical British narrow gauge saddle tank.
Brand: Roundhouse

Product description

The Roundhouse Katie is a 16mm scale Live Steam Narrow Gauge locomotive from Roundhouse Engineering.

Katie is not a model of any particular engine, instead she draws inspiration and features from a number of famous builders like Hunslet, Bagnall and Pecket.

Katie represents a freelance design of a typical British narrow gauge saddle tank.

With full valve gear and double acting cylinders you set the direction using the reversing lever and use the regulator to adjust the speed, radio control will eliminate the need to push Katie as you can open the regulator to get moving and then ease back.

Although Katie has a lot of detail as standard you can always add further detail enhancements.

Technical specifications for 'Katie'.

  • Internal gas firing using our ‘FG’ type burner.
  • 0-4-0 outside framed chassis with two double acting slide valve cylinders operated by simplified Walschaerts type valve gear.
  • Exhaust enhancer.
  • Controls fitted as standard are :- 
    • steam regulator
    • safety valve
    • pressure gauge
    • displacement lubricator
    • gas regulator
    • reversing gear
  • Dimensions (loading gauge) are :- 
    • length 280mm over buffers
    • width 125mm
    • height 155mm
    • weight 2.9 Kg (with r/c).
  • Full radio control is available for both regulator and reversing valve gear using 2.4GHz R/C.
  • The wheels are adjustable between 32mm and 45mm gauge.
  • Available with insulated wheels.
  • Available in any Standard Roundhouse Colour

Pricing and Options

Loco Colour:

Chosen colour swatch for roundhouse loco
* the colour on screen is approximate


Price: £1,615.00

3 Locomotives available, due Dec 6 2021
Please Choose your colour and options, then reserve your loco today.

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