Image Of product Track Nails Brass - supplied by MPB Model Supplies
More substantial brass track nails for larger scales supplied by MPB Model Supplies

Product summary

These brass track nails are ideal for holding down larger scale track securely. Portable layouts can also use them to secure rails at baseboard edges.
Brand: PECO Products

Track Nails Brass

Perfect for securing SM32 Track, Gauge 45 Track and Gauge 1 Track securely to baseboards or wooden batons indoors and outdoors these brass nails will not rust.

If you have a portable layout you can also insert them into the baseboard ends and solder the rail directly to them to secure the rail ends. 

There are approximately 500 nails per pack. 

Pricing and Options

MPN Colour Model Price EAN Availability Kg Qty Req.
IL-11 N/A Track Nails Brass 3.65 5050881091203 16 In Stock 0.50