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SM32 Gauge Track available from MPB Model Supplies

PECO has designed its Streamline SM32 Gauge track to resemble 2 foot narrow gauge track as used on many industrial and welsh narrow gauge lines.

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SL-640 Buffer Stop for SM32 narrow gauge track

SL-640 Buffer Stop - The traditional looking buffer stop built from rail and old wooden sleepers
MPN SL-640 : SL-640 Buffer Stop
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A popular size especially in the garden, SM32 models are built to a scale of 16mm/foot and run on the equivalent of a two foot gauge railway. SM-32 has become the first choice for many narrow gauge enthusiasts who operate live steam locomotives. The large size of the locomotives means radio control is popular with plenty of room for the receiver and control servos. The SM-32 Streamline track system is compatible with the SM-32 Setrack system.

The range of point work comes in:
small radius: 965mm
medium radius: 1524mm

To complement the points PECO produce flexible track which allows you to lay your track to any radius and design. Flexible track is available with simulated wooden sleepers.