A range of accessories to match the track available from MPB Model Supplies

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If you are building a layout using code 100 streamline track then you will need a few packs of these
MPN SL-10 : Code 100 N/S rail Joiners
£3.00 inc VAT


track gauge to accurately align parallel tracks a scale 6'

If you are building a double track layout how do you ensure your tracks are spaced far enough apart? By using one of these track gauges
MPN SL-36 : Six foot way gauge
£0.55 inc VAT


Gauge 1 & SM32 Code 200 Setrack and Streamline Rail Joiners

PECO SL-810 Rail Joiners made from Nickel Silver to join Gauge 1 or SM32 code 200 Streamline track including turnouts and flexible track
MPN SL-810 : Rail Joiners Nickel Silver
£4.40 inc VAT


Turnout motor designed for under baseboard mounting.

Designed for use with the PL-9 mounting that attaches to the PL-10E motor and fixes to the baseboard underside. The pin operates through the baseboard
MPN PL-10E : Turnout Motor with Extended Operating Pin
£10.25 inc VAT


PECO Accessory switch for use with PL-10 / PL-10E motors

Whether you want to trigger a relay - switch turnout polarity - or operate a signal - this accessory switch will allow you to do that with the turnout
MPN PL-13 : Accessory Switch (Turnout Motor Mounting)
£4.10 inc VAT


More substantial brass track nails for larger scales

These brass track nails are ideal for holding down larger scale track securely. Portable layouts can also use them to secure rails at baseboard edges.
MPN IL-11 : Track Nails Brass
£3.65 inc VAT


OO Gauge Rail Built Buffer stop to a classic design

All over British Railways in yards and sidings you would find this classic rail built buffer stop to protect against running off the end of sidings.
MPN SL-40 : Buffer Stop rail built type
£2.10 inc VAT


OO Gauge Sleeper built buffer stop with moulded ballast fill

Before British Railways introduced the standard rail built buffer stops a common buffer solution were sleeper built boxes filled with earth or ballast
MPN SL-41 : Buffer Stop, Sleeper-built
£2.10 inc VAT


PECO Catalogue 75 Year Anniversary Edition

The latest PECO catalogue with articles on building model railways and full details of their range of model railway products from N Gauge to Gauge 45.
MPN CAT6 : PECO Catalogue 75 Year Anniversary Edition
£4.94 inc VAT


Black 14mm long track pins for fixing track & turnouts

Small unobtrusive rail and turnout fixing pins
MPN SL-14 : Pins for fixing track & turnouts
£2.35 inc VAT


Automatic decoupler ramp for OO Gauge tension couplings

A really useful accessory to peco streamline track that allows automatic decoupling of oo gauge tension couplings like those used by Hornby
£2.95 inc VAT


Under baseboard mounting plate for use with PL-10E motor

Hide those point motors under your baseboard using this mounting plate
MPN PL-9 : Mounting Plates for use with PL-10E
£3.50 inc VAT


G-45 SL-910 Rail Joiners (code 250), nickel silver

G-45 Narrow Gauge Rail Joiners (code 250), nickel silver
MPN SL-910 : G45 Nickle Silver Narrow Gauge Rail Joiners
£8.50 inc VAT


O Gauge Rail Built Buffer Stop

O gauge rail built buffer stop of the design found all over british railways
MPN SL-740BH : SL-740BH - Buffer Stop - rail built type
£3.00 inc VAT