Most hornby train sets include a locomotive or multiple units, starter track, and rolling stock such as wagons and coaches together with a model railway controller.

Some Dublo versions of Hornby train sets do not include the controller.

Where Hornby train sets have been announced as awaiting production they are shown as being available to pre-order

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Individual locomotives can be found here, individual wagons and coaches can be found here

Click on the links below to view the details of each train set, you can also purchase these train sets online.

Click on the links below to view the details of each train set, or, purchase it on-line.

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Train Sets
A Hornby train set consists of a locomotive (steam or diesel), coaches or wagons, track and a controller. Everything you need to run the train is in the box. Sometimes more advanced sets will offer additional features and items.
Train Packs
A train pack consists of a locomotive (steam or diesel), and coaches or wagons only.

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Introducing DCC Control
If you want to know what DCC or digital control for trains is, and what the benefits are then please take a look at our article Introducing the DCC system designed for model railways